Status of the NGO

Article 1 – Constitution

Dated  february 22, 1992, the adherents to the present by-laws have decided to form an association governed by the law of july 1 and the decree of august 16, 1991.

Article 2 – Denomination

The association is entitled : « Europe Madagascar Africa ».

It may be designated by the acronym : « E.M.A ».

Article 3 – Object

The Association « Europe Madagascar Africa »  is a french association for assistance and charity with an international conotation, with a humanitarian goal and assistance to development.

In order to achieve this goal, the association may as well :

  • provide help and assistance in every human situation of suffering (Physical and moral), of insecurity and exclusion.
  • contribute to the implimentation of government development programs of the countries where the association is implanted in the best possible coordination with the government and in compliance with the laws in these countries.
  • defray the expenses, necessities and needs by fulfilling this mission.
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