Lets participate together in EMA-N.G.O projects

  • Induction of 60 news scolars in class 2 A
  • Support of those entering form one :

– From college, children under the care of EMA are registered in the public or private schools, out of Fitahiana center.
-The fees being very high in college, the children need a 2nd sponsor.
-Every year we need about 80 new godparents

Support of new street children every begining of school year :

Creation of an ophthalmology unit



  • The need is considerable in Madagascar and a good number of people don’t have the means to consult and to acquire eye glasses.
  • The hall is ready with some equipments (javal and glasses),we are waiting for other equipments.

-Don’t hasitate to donate the necessary equipments for this project, clic here to see the list.

Creation of a farm school

  • In order to curb the exodus toward the capital the generates poverty, mendicity, juvenil deliquency et ……,
  • In order to support the government of Madagascar’s efforts to maintain these families in the bush
  • We thought it necessary to create a farm School, you can clic here to discover our project.
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