History of EMA – N.G.O

EMA- NGO is a french association for assistance and charity governed by the   1901 law. It is of international character, with a humanitarian and development aim. EMA was created on February 22, 1992 by its president founder, pastor Francois FORSHLE.

Since its foundation, EMA have not ceased to progress toward its mission : helping the less privileged and most particularly street children (children with very poor parents, with no means to feed them correctly, to treat  and to sent them to school).


1992 : This year saw the official creation of France Madagascar Association that later became EMA (published in the official news paper of the Republic of France on march 18, 19192). Mrs Francoise Audouard-Sonrier carried out the first actions at the  Fokontany of Antanetibe  a suborb of Antananarivo. At that time she use to give medical treatment to the less privileged and  equally assured the nutrition of 36 little children.

1993 : Avaratanana Ambohimanarina quarter did put at our disposal an office. Doctor Veronique RASOANOROMISA joined us. Free consultations were organised every wednesdays and fridays.

This day also marks the signing of the EMA headquarters agreement with the government of Madagascar.

1994 : The serving of hot meal three times a week was put in place. 100 street children benefited.

In the other hand, alphabetisation classes were organised. A teacher took care of that, three times a week, with 75 street children.

1995 : The autorities of Madagascar made available a 5000 square meters piece of land to the N.G.O, at Avaratanana Ambohimanarina where Fitahaiana Center is constructed (meaning ‘’Blessing’’).

That same year, the decision taken to set up a sponsorship system which allows to support more children. With 15 and 20 euros per month, a child is fed, treated, clothed and scolarised ; the family is equaly sustained ;

1997 : The finishing of the dipensary and alphabetisation building block.

1998 : With the signature of a headquarters agreement in Burkina Faso, France MADAGASCAR becomes FRANCE-MADAGASCAR-AFRICA ASSOCIATION(F.M.A) (published in the official news paper of the Republic of France on February 21st 1998). F.M.A intervains in this country by drilling water wells, scolarisation and vocational training as well as agro-pastoral and health programs.

At Madagascar, Jean-Noël FORSCHLE and the wife Odette are in charge of the day to day management of Fitahiana Center.

Alphabetisation is in progress and gradually gives way to the primary school that have recieved 85 children.

This is also the year of the contruction of public wash house of Avaratanana (Cost : 8 000 000 FMG that is about 8.420 FFrs) ;

From 2001 to 2006, in 2 new buildings were erected with the following structures :

  • Ist building : A spacious refectory with a modern kitchen, a toilet and bath rooms ;
  • 2nd building: Health center, a futur dental unit, carpentry and mechanical workshop, a futur sewing workshop.

The former dispensary has become a class room ;

2004 : FRANCE-MADAGASCAR-AFRICA (F.M.A) becomes EUROPE-MADAGASCAR-AFRICA  ASSOCIATION (E.M.A) (published in the Republic of France’s official news paper on  November 20, 2004).

150 children are being taken care of.

A vast vaccination campaign is carried out by EMA with the collaboration of Doctor Gosselin (from France) and the support of the ministry of health of Madagascar. 10.000 vaccins were administered.

E.M.A donates an ambulance to Fenaorivo hospital

This year also marks the arrival of Pastor Josue MOUGENOT and wife Marie-Pascale to give a helping hand as deputy administrator and secretary accountant ;

2006 : Pastor Josue MOUGENOT and wife became the new directors of Fitahiana Center ;

2007 : The dental unit starts it consultations twice a week. A year after, in september 2008, it is open from Monday to Friday and assures about 20 consultations daily.

This year also marks the introduction of fish in the canteen, once a week ; fish is served on teusday and meat on thursday.

2007-2008 : we placed at the disposition of Fokontany our truck and driver free of charge, for garbage collection. This permitted our quarter to win the first clean up campaign prize of the 6th district!

2008 : Our first high school certificate laureat, Lauriciane, nignamed Nivo obtained her certificate.

In march 2014, she completed her studies with a Masters degree in Marketing and Communication ;

2008-2010 : Many constructions were undertaken :

  • 2 residential buildings and a multypurpose hall beneath the refectory and bath rooms,
  • Additional classes,
  • Preau and the caretaker’s residence on top
  • Paving of the recreation yard,
  • Reabilitation of Avaratanana public washing place ;

At the level of the canteen, this date marks the begining of the distribution of milk 3 times per week to the children of Fitahiana Centre ;

2011-2013 : Construction of the 2nd floor level at the primary school that permited to increase the capacity to 13 class rooms that can accommodate 400 children.

Hence forth, since september 2012, Fitahiana Center welcomes 60 new children every new school year (as against 30 previously). In september 2013, Fitahiana Center primary school received 189 children for 7 classes (2 classes 2, 2 classes 3, 1 class 4, 1 class 5, and 1 class 6) ; next school year, we are going to start our 2nd class 3.

Today, 306 children are taken care of :

  • 192 primary children (189 in the Fitahiana Center’s primary school and 3 external)
  • 83 collegeans,
  • 9 high school,
  • 12 youths in vocational training,
  • 10 students (school of commerce and university)

Target: 500 children

Today, 300 meals are served every school day in the canteen. Which represents per year :

10 tons of rice (that is 4200 euros)

1 ton of meat (that is 3000 euros)

1 ton of fish (that is 3500 euros)

Tons of vegetables (that is 2400 euros) etc…

Today, each child has access to hygiene and body treatment :

Daily mouth brushing

Handwashing several times daily

Shower once a week

Today, 21 years after : the dispensary assures about one hundred consultations and treatments per week, while the dental unit assures about 20 consultations per day (from Monday to Frida)

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