Madagascar is abeautiful country, reputed for its fauna, its flora, its wonderful country s

ide, its friendly and smiling people. But Madagascar is also a country where a lot of poverty and

misery is found ; it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

It has a population of about 24 millions inhabitants, half of it being below 18 years. The most vuner

able are the street children, abandoned to themselves all day long, depending on just a handfull of rice daily (barely surviving).

It is in 1992 that, for the first time, i felt in my heart the desire to do something for these street children and their famillies. Our first step was to send and support a state reigistered nurse in tropical sickness, to treat the very poor ones in the most vunerable quarters. The «success » was not left unheard … At the same time, children were grouped in front of our treatment hall, expecting something from us.

first thing that we prop

osed to them was alphabetisation classes. This classes started gently and the children population grew. We had the desire to create a state recognised primary school.

For this, we needed funds! We mobilised donnors and ‘’sponsors’’, to support the school children.

We acquired a piece of land on which we courageously started work, by building the school, the health center, the canteen, the dental unit,…

For 26 years now. What a way since 1993! Our school counts 282 children today, divided into 10 classes, a health center that recieved about a hundred patients weekly, a dental unit that receives 20 patients daily, and most importantly a canteen that feeds the school children every day.

To respond to the center’s needs, we have a full time team of 40 persons : a doctor, nurse, dentist and assistant,teachers, social welfare worker, cleaners and cooks. Most of our children leave school with a diploma, a training, and can envisage a good future.

As at the time am writing these lines, 542 god fathers and mothers are supporting this work, and do communicate if they want with their god child, follow he/she’s progress, his/her scores, success and failure, and do motivate through his/her support.

My objective is to receive a total of 500 street children, in the nearest futur – where the necessity to recrute more god parents and donors.

As says our slogan, «You can not change the world, but you can change the world of a child ! »

Expecting that these lines are going to awake in you the desire to support this work, that exist only through donations and supports,

My most cordial salutations,

François Forschlé

Founder and Honorary President of EMA NGO

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