If you dont have time to invest in sponsoring a child, you can help in another way :

  • Financial participation in one or many programs within the frame work of scolarisation, nutrition, health and hygiene ;
  • Support to the farm school.

To donate, fill the form below and sent to our director of communication.


upporting a child permits you to be in relation with the child to encourage he/she and manifest your affection. You can write, visite the child in Fitahiana Center, to make your self known.

Children who come to Fitahiana Center are ‘’street children’’ that is non scolarised children, living in the street all day long – with parents and a home.

Your support is going to overcome the difficulties of the child’s parents, who dont have the means to provide for the essentials

Many of our children live in a particularly difficult condition – extreme poverty, distant family relations violent, family context, alcoholism, prostitution, etc…, and lack of affection.

The attention you bring to your godchild, the faithfulness of your engagements, the affection you show will be very important.

A monthly donation of 20 euros permits your godchild to benefit from:

  • Scolarisation and vocational project
  • School fornitures
  • 5 good meals per day
  • Medical and dental treatments
  • Dresses and others

If you wish to support a child, you can download, fill, sign and sent by mail the subscribtion form with your RIB

Participate in activities aimed at promoting EMA

Appart from supporting and donating, there are other ways of supporting E.M.A –N.G.O, you can :

  • Help to run a stand during a fair and others
  • Organize a football tournament, marathon, concert, gala, …. to the profit of the children
  • Search for sponsors through the distribution of our hand outs in your entourage (family, neighbour, colleagues, employers, ….)
  • Find patrons to finance our projects such as the farm school

If you want to launch an action in favor of EMA, it must be submitted beforehand

Do you want to help us?Give a donnation